Design Builds



Design–build is the method of taking on a construction project in which the design and construction services are contracted and performed by a single company. In contrast to the traditional method of "design–bid–build", design–build looks to shift the whole design and construction process under one umbrella, rather than having to contract multiple parties who often disagree or lack the expertise needed as a whole to adequateky complete the project. For instance, you may contract a design architect to design a project for you, then come to find out the project specs are not current with the relevant building code and laws. The design-build process seeks to provide solutions to these problems and mitigate conflicts, lawsuits, delays, etc so that you may achieve your desired results. The design–build approach offers a single-point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and overall costs. Proponents of design–build counter that design–build saves time and money for the owner, while providing the opportunity to achieve innovation in the delivered facility. They also note that design–build allows owners to avoid being placed directly between the architect/engineer and the contractor. Under design–bid–build, the owner takes on significant risks because of that position.

Design–build places the responsibility for design errors and omissions on the design–builder, relieving the owner of major legal and managerial responsibilities. The burden for these costs and associated risks are transferred to the design–build team. As a design–build firm, we have qualified professionals from both the design, engineer and construction fields on our staff. While we are able to perform more traditional construction services, we are strong supporters of the design-build methodology for the advantages that it is easier for us, as the general contractor, to manage a project and implement the successful delivery of the project since we are involved in every aspect of the process from start until completion. However, if you feel design-build is not right for your project, we are willing to partner or create a joint venture between a design firm or a construction firm at the project owner’s request.

So why do we offer design-build and is it right for you?


1. Design-build construction saves time -
By having both the designers and the builders under one roof with one shared vision, obstacles that often delay a project are commonly avoided .

 2. Design-build construction saves money - 
Many costs are avoided when both your designer and builder work under one roof, as delays and external costs are commonly avoided.

 3. With Design-build, the project owner has more say - 
There are fewer disagreements, oversights and differences of opinion when the entire project is managed under one umbrella. After all the project should have one vision and that should be your vision as the project owner. Design-build allows owners to select plans that best suit their needs and meet their project budget.