fully licensed professional engineering


Contracting saves time and money for the owner, while providing the opportunity to achieve innovation

Gov. Contracting

We have experience and familiarization with various US Government entities and the process.


Our Highly trained on-site engineers ensure priority and preofessionalism to the project concerned


JMD Global Developers Offers a single-point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and costs

design builds

Demanding and complicated Construction services are contracted and performed by a single company eliminating mistakes


Professional and Expediant planning schedules and alocated delivery times is a high priority for all our clients


The engineering and planning team have full control over all aspects of the build and construction


With years of experience and construction builds in our portfolio you can sure of superior attention

JMD Global Developers, LLC is committed to professionalism and excellence, providing our clients with innovative and cost-effective engineering planning and design. We offer civil and structural engineering services for residential, commercial, and governmental projects. JMD Global Developers, LLC has successfully completed highly complex engineering, procurement and construction projects for clients throughout Florida. Whether it is a commercial initiative or governmental project, we deliver solutions that cater to the needs of each customer and facilitate the completion and final delivery of our client’s projects. read more

With over 55 years of successful building in Florida, JMD Global Developers, LLC has had the opportunity to learn, perfect, and develop our own unique methods of construction management. By learning what works and what doesn’t work through years of experience, JMD Global Developers, LLC has taken a proactive approach to improving efficiency, quality, safety, and client satisfaction on our construction and development projects. We offer you our years of experience and know-how through our construction management services to help keep your construction project running smoothly. Our construction management team is proactive and experienced, read more

Design–build is the method of taking on a construction project in which the design and construction services are contracted and performed by a single company. In contrast to the traditional method of "design–bid–build", design–build looks to shift the whole design and construction process under one umbrella, rather than having to contract multiple parties who often disagree or lack the expertise needed as a whole to adequateky complete the project. For instance, you may contract a design architect to design a project for you, then come to find out the project specs are not current with the relevant building code and laws. read more